Frequently Asked Questions

What is autocross?

Autocross is a timed auto event in which drivers maneuver through a small road course lined with cones, trying to achieve the quickest time possible.  Our autocross events allow only one car at a time on the course, allowing drivers to go as fast or as slow (to learn the course) as they wish.  An electronic timing system is used to time the cars and there is a two second penalty for each marked cone that is knocked down or displaced from its location.

Where is the autocross event?

Our autocross events are held at Waldron Field in the Flour Bluff or at Aviators Field in Robstown.  A map to the track is on our website.

What is the schedule for event day?

Saturday  – gates open at 7:00 am; registration open from 7:30 to 9:00; drivers meeting at 9:30; first car out after the drivers meeting.

Sunday – gates open at 7:00 am; registration open from 7:30 to 9:00; drivers meeting at 9:30; first car out after the drivers meeting.

Are the drivers meetings mandatory?

Yes.  Every driver must attend at least one drivers meeting during the weekend, either Saturday or Sunday.  It is best to attend the meeting each day you are there in case a new issue has developed and we need to make special announcements.

How many runs do drivers get?

Our autocross events are held over two days.  Drivers get six runs on Saturday, and six runs on Sunday, which all runs are timed and recorded. At Aviators Field the Autocross is a one-day event.

How much is the autocross entry fee?

The entry fee is $30 for full-time SCCA members and active military.  The fee is $40 for non-members of SCCA.  The entry fee covers both days. Spectating is free. At Aviators field the cost is $40 for all drivers.

Are helmets available?

Yes.  We have loaner helmets available.  If you bring your own helmet it must be up to current SCCA regulations.

Can I walk the course before the event?

Yes.  There is usually time on Saturday and plenty of time on Sunday before the drivers meeting to walk the course.

How can I join SCCA?

You can join SCCA several ways by going to their website and join online, you can also print out a membership form and mail it in or we have membership forms at the event and you can join on site.  Individual memberships are $80, Family is $100 and First Gear (24 years and under) is $45 for the first year.

Can I study the course before the event?

Yes.  A copy of each course map is on our website.  Try right-clicking the image and then print it.  This should only print the one course map you want.  We also provide course maps at the event.

What should I bring to the autocross?

There is no electric power or shade at the site.  We do have shade structures at the corner stations only.  Items you should think about bringing include something to eat throughout the day (we cannot guarantee drivers will have a rest period to go get food and we need all the drivers to fulfill their work assignments), a cooler with drinks to keep you hydrated (water, Gatorade, etc.) (STBR provides bottled water free of charge) (no alcohol is allowed on site), sunscreen, bug spray during mosquito season, a pop-up tent for shade, an umbrella for shade or rain showers, a hat, a folding chair, air pressure gauge, helmet (we provide loaner helmets), tires properly inflated, plenty of gasoline for the day, automotive fluids you think you might need (coolant, power steering, brake, engine oil, etc.), a walkie-talkie to follow the times and other radio communications (if you have one), and anything else you may need.

What items do you inspect for vehicles to pass the safety inspection?

The list of items we inspect is on our website under “Solo Rules”.  Please inspect these items before coming to the event to ensure nothing needs to be addressed on event day.

What class does my car run in?

 You can also download a copy of the current rule book and see what category your vehicle will fall in.

How can I get a copy of the SCCA rule book?

You can download a copy of the current rule book by clicking 

What is PAX?

The SCCA Solo program uses the Professional Autocross Index (PAX) quite extensively in the classes that compete in our regional events.  PAX is an index system designed to equalize participants running cars from different SCCA Solo classes in the same local regional class.  The PAX value is a multiplier used on the entrant's time, and then compared directly with other class competitors and their PAX multiplied time.

The Official PAX values are determined each year and can be accessed via this link:
2017 PAX Index Values

Are instructors available at the event?

Yes.  We have several driving instructors available. 

Are passengers allowed?

Yes.  Passengers are allowed (must be at least 12 years old).  A form must be signed by spectators if they wish to be a passenger on the course.  One person (either the driver or the passenger) must be a full time SCCA member.  Please ask an event official and we will do our best to arrange a ride for you.

When are your meetings?

Our meetings are the second Wednesday of each month at 7:00 pm.  We currently meet at Rudy’s BBQ at Airline and SPID in Corpus Christi.  Everyone is welcome to our meetings.

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