January Events:
Jan. 11th and 12th  - Waldron Field: White Course

February Events: 
Feb. 1st and 2nd – Waldron Field: White Course

March Events:
March 7th and 8th  Waldron Field: 
Blue Course

April Events: 
April 4th and 5th  – Waldron Field: 
Blue Course

May Events: 
May 2nd and 3rd  – Waldron Field: 
Green Course

June Events:
June 6th and 7th – Waldron Field: 
Green Course

July Events:
July 11th and 12th  – Waldron Field: 
Red Course

August Events:
Aug. 1st and 2nd  – Waldron Field: 
Pink Course

September Events: 
Sept. 12th and 13th  – Waldron Field: 
Yellow Course

October Events:
Oct. 3rd and 4th  – Waldron Field:
Yellow Course

November Events:

Nov. 7th and 8th – Waldron Field: 
Red Course

December Events:
Dec. 5th and 6th  – Waldron Field:
Green Course

NOTE: some events may be changed or due to Navy scheduling or changes in processes that allow members on property – an email and notification will be submitted prior to the event on our web, facebook sites.

NOTE: Courses may be changed once a committee is formed and new courses are drawn up and finalized by our safety team.  The courses will be submitted and voted on by our members at the General meetings and then posted on our web page and facebook site.
*** - notes on events or meetings

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