Base Pass Application

         ​South  Texas  Border  Region   

    Sports Car Club of America

​​Requirements to Enter Waldron Air Field

Email completed application or your request to be on the list to:

Pat Blackman - Event Chair for STBR-SCCA:
(361) - 739 - 6829

1. Person entering has a current pass or ID that allows them to enter any US military facility (currently enlisted or retired)

2. Person that has a current DOD or GS ID that allows access to US military facilities.

3. Person with a current Rapid Gate ID to enter US military facilities.
NOTE: All persons that are not currently on the list must send and email to notify us that they want to be added to the list and have a current pass.

4. Person that has completed a VET application and submitted to NAS security.

NOTE: All applications must be submitted before the last Monday of each month.  Once the application is approved there will be no additional application requirements until the new year or any changes from base security policy changes. Blank forms are located in the PDF icon below.