​South  Texas  Border  Region   

    Sports Car Club of America

Here are the meeting Minutes.

Buck Floyd
James C Clem
Rolf Woods
Carl Tennison
Andrew McMillan 
Steve Horton 

JC Read the minutes
Accept the minutes - Rolf and Andrew 

Buck Floyd asked that we notify driver of dnf or cones hit. Drivers are not getting the word.
Green course start and end slalom force a direction using gates. Trying to make sure starting grid and trailer are safe from spinouts.
Green Course, go ahead and establish a direction. Try to replicate other organizations events. Course will go to right at the fork.
JC will post to WEB site and send message to notify members of course change.

Accept report. Jc motion Rolf second

Treasurer report
Carl Tennison read off the Treasures report.
Andrew. Jc second

Check into radio. 4 sets @ 35 per
Motion passed to purchase 8ea. new radios limited to $200.
Carl will check into source and procure radios.

Buck discussed experiance with clubregistration.net and will provide contact information to Carl.

Hicks event was discussed. Rolf and Carl will attend. 
Andrew will forward SCCA ad graphics to Carl in order to make hand out cards for the event.

Need to get more information about Base pass posting to WEB?

Motion passed to procure 30 12” cones with a 200 dollar limit.
JC is going to check with local reseller

Guest suggested Geer fire extinguisher to certify our extenguishers. Carl will investigate.

Motion passed to Move monthly meetings to Lubys out by Greenwood.
JC will update WEB site.

Rolf meeting adjourned
Buck second